ISUKADO is a specialty shop of Japanese Game items!

About Items

- About the Items
  • The items are all Japanese. They are in the Japanese language and have Japan region codes. Please confirm that you can run them before purchasing.
  • We sell new and used items. In addition, we can find items for you that are not listed. Please place a request through the "Contact Us" form for any unlisted items. We can also obtain items that are not sold normally, such as limited or event items. No special fee is required for a request. We will do our best to obtain the requested item, but there is no guarantee.
  • Please note that it takes 1-5 business days to ship your order.
- Item Name Notations
  • Please order once you have confirmed the Japanese notation (original name) of the item name. [Tag] is inserted to the product names to show the condition.
- Items Photos and Images
  • Items will have a photo or picture of the contents. Because it is just one photo used, be aware that the item you are ordering might have slight differences, such as the condition or discoloration. Please be forewarned, and check the item condition in the description
Item Prices
  • Item Prices are determined by the current value. Please note that the item prices may change because of this.
Item Weight
  • To facilitate the handling, the weight of the items is determined by the store’s standards, depending on the type of items. Therefore, please note that the weight is slightly different from the actual weight shown. Also, when shipping is estimated, 0.2kg + 15% of the total order weight is added as packing weight.
Used Items
  • Promotional materials (questionnaire postcard, Obi, flyers, etc.) are not included as a general rule.
  • Preorder/ Reservation bonuses are also not included as a general rule. If the information lists accessories, they will be in the description.
  • With books, please keep in mind that you can not specify the publication version. (First Edition, cover design, etc.)
  • Some items might have dust or scratches that do not interfere in the operation. Please keep this in mind when buying a used item.
  • If the condition of the item is Used, please refer to the “About Used Item Condition” section. Please note that we are unable to respond to individual inquiries about used items.
- The Tags
1, Item Condition Tag
New Items
Tag: none
The item is new and unopened.

- Used Items
We have checked that all [USED] and [Cart Only] items are in working condition.

USED Items
We guarantee that the item comes with the game (body), case, and manual. USED items are in Good to Very Good condition in most cases. (There might be a slight scratch or dust. They are used items, so please understand that it is difficult to get them in flawless condition.)

--- Cart Only
Tag: [Cart Only]
We guarantee that there is the game (game body). As well, we make sure that it is operational. As a basic rule of ISUKADO, there is no JUNK tag for disc-based games or other media.

2, Common Tag
- Limited Items
The item has any bonus items other than game. (Soundtrack, Drama CD or figure etc.) So, [Cart Only] and [Missing Cover] items are never get this tag.

- Best (Cheap) Edition Items
Tag: [BEST]
The item is Best / Cheap edition.

Tag: [PRE]
A preorder/ reservation for a new item that has not yet been released. It may come with extra items, but that is not always the case. Since there are a limited number, please reserve as soon as possible before the item is released.

- NEOGEO "ROM Cassette" version games
Tag: [ROM]
The item is a ROM Cassette version.

NEOGEO "CD" version games
Tag: [CD]
The item is a CD version.