ISUKADO is a specialty shop of Japanese Game items!


 The Concept of ISUKADO
ISUKADO is aiming to provide a service that you can get a Japanese games or any Japanese stuff as if you are living in Japan. So, now ISUKADO have providing items in cheaper price than its average price in Japanese market when you use Supporter Coupon. (Its average price is based on our independent survey.)

ISUKA Support Program:

"ISUKA" is a Mascot Girl of ISUKADO. She is asking for your support! Grow up She, Get a Bonus!
She get an EXP per your purchased. Then she will level up and do the bonus lottery.

●The Status of ISUKA
Lv: 4
Level Up Bonus: 5x 1000 Yen Off Coupon

We are recruiting supporter of ISUKADO for order to continue to operate. We want to hope your support, and we will provide a special service to the supporters. And also we are sure this program will be promote of gamers exchanges.

- Contents of This Program;
1, We give a Supporter Coupon Code to Supporter Member (Newsletter Subscribers) each time ISUKA (Mascot Girl) to Level Up. Also, we will publish this coupon in ISUKADO. The number of uses of it code are unlimited until ISUKA level up. In addition, this is a universal coupon. We hope that the supporters will sharing this code with any persons.

2, ISUKA will get an EXP by the number of times of its coupon code were used, and she will Level Up! Then, she give a Bonus by lottery to the Supporter Member who used its coupon. That's bonus is 3000 JPY off coupon at the first, but its price and winners number will increase by her level. Customers increase will lead to increase of the number of times of Bonus Lottery!

Conditions for Get a Bonus;

When you meet the following two conditions, you get the bonus lottery right.
1, You have an account of ISUKADO.
2, You are purchasing any items in duration of its levels.

- Application Method;
When you register to ISUKADO, it becomes a Supporter Members automatically.