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Shipping & Returns

- Shipping Information
  • ISUKADO items are delivered via Japan Post. We offer five different shipping methods. Please select the shipping method to suits the convenience. In addition, some shipping methods may not be available for your country. Please keep this in mind.
  • Deliveries cannnot be made to a PO Box.
  • In some countries, it may not be possible for an items to pass customs. If this is the case, your order will be canceled.
  • If there is a tax (Duty, Tax, VAT), customs fees will occur when you receive your order. Taxes and customs fees shall be paid by the person receiving the items. Please pay the taxes or customs fees in accordance with the provisions of the addressee to the country's laws and upon receipt of the items.
- About Shipping Methods
  • We offer five different shipping methods. In this article, I will explain the characteristics of each. In addition, the shipping rates and delivery estimates are based on the United States, as an example. If you are in Asia, delivery is likely to be faster and lower price. If in Europe, slower delivery and higher price.
  • Please use the "Shipping Estimator" in the shopping cart for a more accurate reading..
-- Shipping Method
Shipping Cost List is the last on this page.
-- EMS

  • The fastest airmail. Tracking is only available for this method.
  • Delivery Estimate (U.S.): About 2-4 days
  • Shipping Cost (U.S.): 1kg: 2,400Yen | 10kg: 14,000Yen
-- AIR
  • Standard Airmail.
  • Delivery Estimate (U.S.): About 4-7 days
  • Shipping Cost (U.S.): 1kg: 3350Yen | 10kg: 17,650Yen
-- AIR (Small Packet)
  • Standard Airmail. If the total weight does no exceed 2kg (4.41lb), this method is available.
  • Delivery Estimate (U.S.): About 4-7 days
  • Shipping Cost (U.S.): 1kg: 1,860Yen, | 10kg: Not Applicable
-- SAL
  • This is Airmail, but with a cheaper cost and slower delivery.
  • Delivery Estimate (U.S.): About 7-28 days
  • Shipping Cost (U.S.): 1kg: 2,700Yen | 10kg: 12,550Yen
-- SAL (Small packet)
  • This is Airmail, but with a cheaper cost and slower delivery. If the total weight does no exceed 2kg (4.41lb), this method is available.
  • Delivery Estimate (U.S.): About 7-28 days
  • Shipping Cost (U.S.): 1kg: 1,080Yen | 10kg: Not Applicable
- About Returns and Exchanges
  • If the item that arrives is different than what you ordered, we will accept a return and exchange it. Please send a message through Contact Us within four (4) days of your order arriving.
  • Returns will not be accepted for any other reasons. Please carefully look over the "About item" section before ordering, especially with Used Items
- Shipping Cost List
Total Weight Asia
North & Central America,
Near & Middle East
South America,
until 0.5kg 1,400Yen 2,000Yen 2,200Yen 2,400Yen
0.6kg 1,540Yen 2,180Yen 2,400Yen 2,740Yen
0.7kg 1,680Yen 2,360Yen 2,600Yen 3,080Yen
0.8kg 1,820Yen 2,540Yen 2,800Yen 3,420Yen
0.9kg 1,960Yen 2,720Yen 3,000Yen 3,760Yen
1.0kg 2,100Yen 2,900Yen 3,200Yen 4,100Yen
1.25kg 2,400Yen 3,300Yen 3,650Yen 4,900Yen
1.5kg 2,700Yen 3,700Yen 4,100Yen 5,700Yen
1.75kg 3,000Yen 4,100Yen 4,550Yen 6,500Yen
2.0kg 3,300Yen 4,500Yen 5,000Yen 7,300Yen
2.5kg 3,800Yen 5,200Yen 5,800Yen 8,800Yen
3.0kg 4,300Yen 5,900Yen 6,600Yen 10,300Yen
3.5kg 4,800Yen 6,600Yen 7,400Yen 11,800Yen
4.0kg 5,300Yen 7,300Yen 8,200Yen 13,300Yen
4.5kg 5,800Yen 8,000Yen 9,000Yen 14,800Yen
5.0kg 6,300Yen 8,700Yen 9,800Yen 16,300Yen
5.5kg 6,800Yen 9,400Yen 10,600Yen 17,800Yen
6.0kg 7,300Yen 10,100Yen 11,400Yen 19,300Yen
7.0kg 8,100Yen 11,200Yen 12,700Yen 21,400Yen
8.0kg 8,900Yen 12,300Yen 14,000Yen 23,500Yen
9.0kg 9,700Yen 13,400Yen 15,300Yen 25,600Yen
10.0kg 10,300Yen 14,500Yen 16,600Yen 27,700Yen
11.0kg 11,300Yen 15,600Yen 17,900Yen 29,800Yen
12.0kg 12,100Yen 16,700Yen 19,200Yen 31,900Yen
13.0kg 12,900Yen 17,800Yen 20,500Yen 34,000Yen
14.0kg 13,700Yen 18,900Yen 21,800Yen 36,100Yen
15.0kg 14,500Yen 20,000Yen 23,100Yen 38,200Yen
16.0kg 15,300Yen 21,100Yen 24,400Yen 40,300Yen
17.0kg 16,100Yen 22,200Yen 25,700Yen 42,400Yen
18.0kg 16,900Yen 23,300Yen 27,000Yen 44,500Yen
19.0kg 17,700Yen 24,400Yen 28,300Yen 46,600Yen
20.0kg 18,500Yen 25,500Yen 29,600Yen 48,700Yen

Total Weight East Asia Southeast Asia
Southwest Asia
North & Central America,
Near & Middle East,
South America,
until 0.5kg 1,700Yen 2,100Yen 2,500Yen 3,200Yen
1.0kg 2,050Yen 2,700Yen 3,350Yen 4,600Yen
1.5kg 2,400Yen 3,300Yen 4,200Yen 6,000Yen
2.0kg 2,750Yen 3,900Yen 5,050Yen 7,400Yen
2.5kg 3,100Yen 4,500Yen 5,900Yen 8,800Yen
3.0kg 3,450Yen 5,100Yen 6,750Yen 10,200Yen
3.5kg 3,800Yen 5,700Yen 7,600Yen 11,600Yen
4.0kg 4,150Yen 6,300Yen 8,450Yen 13,000Yen
4.5kg 4,500Yen 6,900Yen 9,300Yen 14,400Yen
5.0kg 4,850Yen 7,500Yen 10,150Yen 15,800Yen
5.5kg 5,150Yen 8,000Yen 10,900Yen 17,000Yen
6.0kg 5,450Yen 8,500Yen 11,650Yen 18,200Yen
6.5kg 5,750Yen 9,000Yen 12,400Yen 19,400Yen
7.0kg 6,050Yen 9,500Yen 13,150Yen 20,600Yen
7.5kg 6,350Yen 10,000Yen 13,900Yen 21,800Yen
8.0kg 6,650Yen 10,500Yen 14,650Yen 23,000Yen
8.5kg 6,950Yen 11,000Yen 15,400Yen 21,200Yen
9.0kg 7,250Yen 11,500Yen 16,150Yen 25,400Yen
9.5kg 7,550Yen 12,000Yen 16,900Yen 26,600Yen
10.0kg 7,850Yen 12,500Yen 17,650Yen 27,800Yen
11.0kg 8,250Yen 13,200Yen 17,860Yen 29,400Yen
12.0kg 8,650Yen 13,900Yen 19,550Yen 31,000Yen
13.0kg 9,050Yen 14,600Yen 20,500Yen 32,600Yen
14.0kg 9,450Yen 15,300Yen 21,450Yen 34,200Yen
15.0kg 9,850Yen 16,000Yen 22,400Yen 35,800Yen
16.0kg 10,250Yen 16,700Yen 23,350Yen 37,400Yen
17.0kg 10,650Yen 17,400Yen 24,300Yen 39,000Yen
18.0kg 11,050Yen 18,100Yen 25,250Yen 40,600Yen
19.0kg 11,450Yen 18,800Yen 26,200Yen 42,200Yen
20.0kg 11,850Yen 19,500Yen 27,150Yen 43,800Yen

AIR Small Packet
Total Weight Asia
North & Central America,
Near & Middle East,
South America,
until 0.3kg 470Yen 600Yen 770Yen
0.35kg 540Yen 690Yen 890Yen
0.4kg 610Yen 780Yen 1,010Yen
0.45kg 680Yen 870Yen 1,130Yen
0.5kg 750Yen 960Yen 1,250Yen
0.55kg 820Yen 1,050Yen 1,370Yen
0.6kg 890Yen 1,140Yen 1,490Yen
0.65kg 960Yen 1,230Yen 1,610Yen
0.7kg 1,030Yen 1,320Yen 1,730Yen
0.75kg 1,100Yen 1,410Yen 1,850Yen
0.8kg 1,170Yen 1,500Yen 1,970Yen
0.85kg 1,240Yen 1,590Yen 2,090Yen
0.9kg 1,310Yen 1,680Yen 2,210Yen
0.95kg 1,380Yen 1,770Yen 2,330Yen
1.0kg 1,450Yen 1,860Yen 2,450Yen
1.25kg 1,625Yen 2,085Yen 2,750Yen
1.5kg 1,800Yen 2,310Yen 3,050Yen
1.75kg 1,975Yen 2,535Yen 3,350Yen
2.0kg 2,150Yen 2,760Yen 3,650Yen

Total Weight East Asia
Southeast Asia,
Southwest Asia
North & Central America,
Near & Middle East,
South America,
until 1.0kg 1,800Yen 2,200Yen 2,700Yen 3,400Yen
2.0kg 2,400Yen 2,900Yen 3,850Yen 5,000Yen
3.0kg 3,000Yen 3,600Yen 5,000Yen 6,600Yen
4.0kg 3,600Yen 4,300Yen 6,150Yen 8,200Yen
5.0kg 4,200Yen 5,000Yen 7,300Yen 9,800Yen
6.0kg 4,700Yen 5,600Yen 8,350Yen 11,250Yen
7.0kg 5,200Yen 6,200Yen 9,400Yen 12,700Yen
8.0kg 5,700Yen 6,800Yen 10,450Yen 14,150Yen
9.0kg 6,200Yen 7,400Yen 11,550Yen 15,600Yen
10.0kg 6,700Yen 8,000Yen 12,550Yen 17,050Yen
11.0kg 7,000Yen 8,400Yen 13,250Yen 18,050Yen
12.0kg 7,300Yen 8,800Yen 13,950Yen 19,050Yen
13.0kg 7,600Yen 9,200Yen 14,650Yen 20,050Yen
14.0kg 7,900Yen 9,600Yen 15,350Yen 21,050Yen
15.0kg 8,200Yen 10,000Yen 16,050Yen 22,050Yen
16.0kg 8,500Yen 10,400Yen 16,750Yen 23,050Yen
17.0kg 8,800Yen 10,800Yen 17,450Yen 24,050Yen
18.0kg 9,100Yen 11,200Yen 18,150Yen 25,050Yen
19.0kg 9,400Yen 11,600Yen 18,850Yen 26,050Yen
20.0kg 9,700Yen 12,000Yen 19,550Yen 27,050Yen

SAL Small Packet
Total Weight Asia
North & Central America,
Near & Middle East,
South America,
until 0.3kg 320Yen 380Yen 440Yen
0.4kg 400Yen 480Yen 560Yen
0.5kg 480Yen 580Yen 680Yen
0.6kg 560Yen 680Yen 800Yen
0.7kg 640Yen 780Yen 920Yen
0.8kg 720Yen 880Yen 1,040Yen
0.9kg 800Yen 980Yen 1,160Yen
1.0kg 880Yen 1,080Yen 1,280Yen
1.1kg 960Yen 1,180Yen 1,400Yen
1.2kg 1,040Yen 1,280Yen 1,520Yen
1.3kg 1,120Yen 1,380Yen 1,640Yen
1.4kg 1,120Yen 1,480Yen 1,760Yen
1.5kg 1,280Yen 1,580Yen 1,880Yen
1.6kg 1,360Yen 1,680Yen 2,000Yen
1.7kg 1,440Yen 1,780Yen 2,120Yen
1.8kg 1,520Yen 1,880Yen 2,240Yen
1.9kg 1,600Yen 1,980Yen 2,360Yen
2.0kg 1,680Yen 2,080Yen 2,480Yen